Friday, March 11, 2011
okay. the previous monday i had class picnic with 2R01 <3
it's quite fun and sad since it is sort of the last gathering as a class
then me and si jie and jere cooked pasta and cheese sticks
aiya, mostly is jere doing the cooking, i just cut and wash can le

Class Pic <3

Cheese Stick. It's nice lor!


Jump Shot. Cool sia

Pasta! Yum

Thursday, February 24, 2011
okay, i should be studying RVM now instead of slacking
watching tv with grandma now while watching MV by IU
the song is called "The Story Only I Didn't Know"
i tell you, if nobody explains this MV to me, i will be lost

I think the story is about a girl who's in a psychiatric hospital
he's not her father but in fact she was in love with him
because she is in denial that her father has passed away
all the "Xs" say that she hasn't accepted her father is not alive
she finally realised that he's gone and left her
because she finally starts to mourn, that's the saddest part
when Park Bo Young started crying at the ending, i feel so sad sia

I am beginning to like IU and her voice. her songs and voice is so awesome!
Songs like Nagging (with 2am Seulong) and Good day (her 3 octaves!)
plus, she is so pretty! HER BIG CUTE EYES! >.<

And another song, Too Perfect by Super Junior-M
i agree it's not as good as Supergirl. but somehow, it's damn catchy! alot of Kyuhyun parts!

Sunday, January 02, 2011
seriously, how long have i left my blog to rot? i think got 4 months le
anyway today is 1-1-11. so HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (:
새해 복 많이 받으세요 seh heh bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo!!
As you can see from above, i am very into Kpop right now!
really, worse than before. now i know kpop more than my studies -.-
been into 2PM & 2AM & Beast & Super Junior for guys.
BEG & Kara & T-ara & 4minute for girls. actually i just listen to their songs not them.
if there is some music performance such as Golden disk or SBS gayo daejun
i will spam my twitter like nobody business, i think many unfollowed me le XD
trying to learn their dances. but it's so hard >.<
the only one i know is abracadabra and maybe abit of here and there of others.
let you all see my favoourite korean boys. (this really become kpop article)


Junho (2PM), Seulong (2AM), Taecyeon (2PM)

Seulong, Changmin, Jokwon, Jinwoon = 2AM!

Ga-in <3>
(Top) Nichkhun, Chansung, Junho
(Bottom) Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junsu

Chansung (2PM), Seulong (2AM)

Junhyung and Yoseob (Beast)

Monday, September 20, 2010
class chalet was fun (: (: and some sort of touching (:
met up with Si Jie and had lunch at Pastamania first
Jere's pasta is always the best!!! damn nice
then both of us left with wei jie and wei lin cause they need to take the ice
then arrived at the chalet and started playing smack jack with the girls
after a while, Gerwyn was sleeping and Si Jie suggested "Tau Pok"
ya, poor Gerwyn became the first victim for the 3d2n stay. HAHA!

then starting of the fire started from 6pm+ to 8pm.
Gerwyn, dont worry. you're not the longest i waited so dont be sad hor HAHAHAHA
and then more classmates came and the food was nice except for mushroom
sad thing is that Si Jie need to leave by 10.10pm cause her mother dont let her stay
around midnight after buying the vodka, we started our drinking game
i seriously pitied Rebbeca and Wei Jie. they drank alot
Rebecca went really high and Wei Jie went really red, 10% is my fault XP
But then, through this chalet. i saw lots of potential gf bf parents and classmates
for example, EDISON!!! cause putri was like drunk and edison never left her side
sweet and sooo caring right?! and somehow edison no need to sleep de for reasons

some of us also played truth and truth and around 5am, most of us went to sleep
samantha and her bf one bed, wei jie and ting ting/wei jie desiress bernard one bed
me rebecca wei lin one bed but me and rebecca were mostly chatting (:
p.s i LOVE 2R01 (:

Tuesday, September 07, 2010
OMG! exam is finally here. and i just suffered for around 3 days.
it was hell man. on sunday, studied from 10pm-2am. then slept at around 3am
monday morning was RBB paper aka killer paper. i am as if the zombie lor -.-
after that, went home. napped from 4.30pm-7.30pm O.O
that night totally no mood to study lor... was sleepy~
so dragged till this morning then study and went for SM exam

anyway, feel like posting about the seoul garden plus pool trip with chr mates (:

Iris, Shannon, Keith aka three hungry kids

Group Photo at Seoul Garden (:

POOL TIME! and they taught me how to play this (: (:

Last group photo and home sweet home (:

Friday, August 27, 2010
my few recent posts are mostly dead, all words de
so i think this post should have a few photos about what i had did for the 2 weeks
well, firstly is the YOG event held in TP with the co mates (:

During Hossan Leong Talk (:

In Sports Hall learning the cheer, it is DAMN warm

While waiting for performance to start, let's take a group photo (:

Monster from Taiwan!! See how they fly everywhere

The B2ST and 4minute ticket!! free de!!

secondly, Badminton day with classmates (:

At Tampines Stadium, Estee playing (:

Breakfast made by Sun Ran and Hui Yi, sooo nice

6 of us (:

Group Photo without Gerwyn

Had dinner at Century Square.

Thirdly, YOG at Marina with B2ST and 4minute!!

Amalina and Me (:

Vengwai and her friend (:



lastly, sentosa trip with tpco and nypco with sec sch friends

lunch/picnic at Sentosa Beach (:

Had our first Game. see Henry sooooo happy (:

be the first to dash to the end with 4 legs and 2 hands (:

trying to soak ourselves in salt water

Mindy and Yi Shuang at some restaurant in Marina Square

Somewhere near Merlion, Esplanade there

Jump Shot!!

Mindy's awesome jump shot!

Yi Shuang's solo jump shot (:

Thursday, August 05, 2010
today is a fucked up day for me (: cause i am si bei suay today
First, found out i left the 1st assignment at home so went home
how leh? by cab!!! $34 gone le lor~ my money ):
Second, FARM re-test. paper is 40m and 22 marks are theory questions
only left 18 marks is calculation which obviously i am better
the first test paper got 30m of calculation questions lor!! damn unfair!
third, print out the last assignment, all the font is wrong de -.-

i have been making good friends with taxi uncles these 4 days straight lor -.-
i think i spend $80 on taxi fare sia!! wakao, that's why i am totally broke
then after color lesson, went to tampines stadium with wei lin and si jie
for what leh? to book badmintion court! damn excited for the day to come (:
now i feel so guilty towards wei lin lar. ):
took his handphone to do something funny and he dont know what is my motive
he didnt even ask me what i need his hp for when i asked for it.
so guilty to play a prank on him lor, sooooo sorry wei lin ):
anyway, holiday le!!! i love holiday sooo much, be my boyfriend leh!!

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24th June 1992

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